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Kindly read the below requirements and strategies on how to get your materials promoted on our website.
Please after reading make sure you mail exactly what is listed below to avoid delay in uploading your music.

Below are the requirements
1. Your song in the mp3 audio format.
2. A well designed album art/picture of the song you want to publish, this will be use to cover the song.
3. Write up about the song and a short biography of yourself (short biography is optional)
4. Your social media handle i.e facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube (social meddia handles are optional)
5. Your name (to be use for the publication), the name of featured artist if any.
6. Your contact number or mail (if you wish)

Please mail the whole requirements to us via our mail, unikempireblog@gmail.com, this should be done 2 days prior to the release date. After mailing all the necessary requirements to us, you will get a reply from one of our admin within a short period of time.
"Once you can meet up to all our requirement. Your song can be uploaded at the time you choose"

Important notice
Please note that your song(s) won't be publish if we don't receive an alert of payment.

How your music will go online 
There are two categories of promoting your materials on unik empire and they are explained in detail below.
Your materials gets published on unikempire.com.ng and gets tweeted on our twitter platform, instagram platforms, and posted on our several facebook pages and groups 
This package price:- #5,000 

Your materials gets published on unikempire.com.ng and gets tweeted on our twitter platform, instagram platforms, and posted on our several facebook pages and groups and be sent to other major blogs and sites.

This package price:- #30,000

Also your music will be given the following consideration:
1. Banner placement of your artiste artwork with a link to the music page.
2. Sticky post
3. Music of the week

For advert our rates are as below
Two week: 15,000
One month: 35,000

Accepted advert format are as below
1. 728 x 90 – Leaderboard: Top right position on all pages.
2. 336 x 280 – Large Rectangle: Bottom center position on all article pages above the comments.
3. 300 x 250 – Medium Rectangle: Right Top position on all category pages below the main menu.

To watch how your materials will go online follow us on

For complaints and enquiries;-
Reach us via whatsapp:- +2347087472047 or call +2348144554592

Tell us what you think about the information/music/video above....