Unik Article: Evang Iyke Oriaku - Sowing seeds or winning souls?

20 people came out and gave 1million naira each, 50 people came out and gave 500k each.
100 people came out and gave 100k each, Some rushed home and brought their landed documents and dropped on the altar as seeds, some dropped their cars keys, others wrote down their names to sow their 6months salaries, some promised to bring their painful seeds in the morning, and you were there.
You poured them oil and collected it; none of them gave their lives to Jesus. Those backsliders were never given opportunity to be reconciled to Christ. None received the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues, some of them are the secretaries in their different occult groups they belong but they rushed home and brought their money to give you and didn't bring their charms to surrender to be free.
All they wanted was to use the seeds to bribe God, so that they will have promotion or get married or get juicy contracts and travel abroad. If Jesus had come immediately after they had sown those seeds, they would have gone to hell yet you and your host came on Facebook, telling us that the program was a blast, that heaven came down and you want it to come out from my mouth that both you and your host needs revival? Repent, sir.
If not God will soon hide you in that small town you are it will not be long, people will start pulling down your billboards anywhere they see it, soon, when people see your poster they will tear it immediately. Those hailing you now would have known that you have no businesses with their eternal destinies and they will assist God to drive you into oblivion. Ask questions, many that started the way you are doing now can't even gather up to 20 people, even if they use helicopter to share handbills because God has declared war against them. They too were hot cake; some of them too were most sought for preachers. They were the ones that raised the funds for most of the big cathedrals you are seeing today but, those General Overseers have abandoned them and are now the ones telling others how fake they are.
Today, they are in town, yet, no one knows; don't take this post personal I have nothing to envy about you and your kind. Out of my love for you, I am making this passionate appeal.

"Consider thy ways"
This merchandise of the gospel will soon make send you into great obscurity and it will not be long. By then, no matter the juju they will give you, you will never be able to charm even house fly. It is never too late to make a U-TURN; many guys are repenting genuinely. God wants you back to the original path He called you into.
Imagine all your friends they are all guys that cannot preach if they have not duped people with prophesies, how comfortable do you fill with guys who package miracles anywhere they go to minister? What happened to those friends you used to have that comes to pray and fast with you?
Sir, look for them they are your real friends. The last 1year, all the programs you have been going is only to raise funds and share 40/60 with some criminal host ministers somewhere.
Oh how has the mighty fallen.'t forget how you were preaching in secondary schools those days when you first believed? And you will be begging them, with tears to surrender to Jesus what has happened to you? If you are reading this post, please, repent. You don't need repackaging what you need is revival. Many young guys like you can do more than what you are doing, but they have refused to go the way of Ballam. They are waiting for the promise of the Master; don't conclude over them yet, because God is raising them to replace you in that same city where you are reigning now. Their beginning might be small, but their later end shall be greatly increased. All the days of their appointed time, they are waiting till their change will come. Why are you rushing ministry as if you will die today or tomorrow? God is already preparing a young man He will use to spearhead the mighty revival He called you for.
Kneel down where you are say it, and mean it, friend that peace you use to have before you started this juju ministry will come back to you. Forget the contacts of those workers of iniquity, you don't need any man that is helping you to be far from God, go to church, and preach.
You must not do spectacular miracles, you must not give astounding prophecies, do as little as you can and stop impressing your hosts.
If they need prophesies badly, let them too prophesy.
After all, people like them prophesies accurately too. Why hiring people to package miracles and prophecies? Must you prophesy? My brother, raise funds for church projects, if you have to but allow God to touch people to sow as they have the capacity to. Don't let any General Overseer pressurise you to raise tens of millions for you, which will eventually make you start forging testimonies and hiring people to come and fake miracles all for you to coax people to sow seed, just to please your host. Trust me; you are losing your ministry without knowing it.
When you hear what that same host will start saying about you when you leave, that is when you will know that that 40/60 percentage is too small to lose your ministry for.
You started well, yes, though, you might have messed up along the line, but there is still hope don't be afraid of the names people will call you tomorrow because they know about your packaged miracles.
Many genuine people God is using today sometimes in their lives slipped their feet but they never remained there, they repented and their place in this end time assignment, another did not take.
If you will still repent now, old things will pass away, then, all things will become new I wish you will not delay because, "now is the accepted time, behold now is the time of salvation."
I know you are ready.
Bow your head and let us pray!