Unik Muzik: Micheal Rich - All || @mrich

After WERELO, Micheal Rich is back with another soul tune title ALL. Micheal Rich speaking said,
"To the God who gave ALL for mankind for we are no longer outdated beings, we are simply enjoying ourselves worshiping the mighty who deserve ALL OUR PRAISE."
Get set to be blessed with beautiful music from this beautiful soul and get engross and enjoy the presence of God via songs. This tune was produced by Marv C.

Download Muzik Here

I'll become a fool if my place in you is given to a stone
With the cymbals and the strings I will sound
and give all praise to you
You are  in the stars
You are in the sea
You are everywhere
You are in the trees
You are over me
Cos you own it all

You own it all
My praise,my worship
You own it all
My praise,today.

Who for take the slap wey you chop for me
Who for carry my cross wey you gym for me ooh
For redemption plan, dem flog you two by two
Just for me oh, chidimdu mo
You own it all
And what is the essence of life 
if I breathe and fail to give you praise
Who for know my name, dey for use me play
If you no come my way

(choir repeat chorus)

Oh oh oh oh....
(Mich Rich AdLib till end)