Unik Muzik: Ema - You no dey use me play || @Emaonyx

Ema who is known for his beautiful tunes inspired by the Holy Spirit has come again with a new tune after the release of his last tune OKEOSISI (The tree of life). You No Dey Use Me Play is a tune that depicts God’s love towards us and no matter what happens in life you are still his top priority and HE NO GO USE YOU PLAY AT ALL.

You carry me 
When some carry their god 
You feed me Lord 
When some feed their god 
You fought for me 
When some fight for their god 
Jesus you no dey use me play 

Life giver 
Life changer
Jehovah, the covenant keeping God 
Destiny helper 
Mountain mover 
Jehovah, the covenant 

Covenant keeping God (2x)
Jehovah the covenant God 

Naaaaah Naaaaah Naaaaah Naaaaaah 
You no dey use me play oooooh.