Unik Articles: Why do secular artists thank God at award and always advice to put God first when most of their lives don't portray that?

Over the years we have seen secular artist win awards and during their speech at the award, the first thing you'll often hear them say is "I WANT TO THANK GOD FOR THIS AWARD", but if you really look at the life of these artist you will ask which God are they even thanking? Note we are not generalising on all secular artist because there are secular artists whose records are clean and their lyrics and way of passing message isn't as disgusting but we are really focused on those whose main aim is spreading hidden or open message of drugs, sex violence in their songs. To those whose records are clean we will say they thank God for the inspiration to write good songs because every good thing comes from the Lord but to those whose music is the opposite which God do they really thank and why do they thank him?
Questions like this has erupted in the mind of someone who isn't scared of questioning the status quo and placed the question on facebook and the replies gotten were just so amazing that we've decided to share with you. Read the reasons gave by some people below and don't forget to drop a comment of why secular artists thank God.