Unik News: What is Benjisszy Zaaikii up to this time around?

For sometime now Benjisszy Zaakii has been showing some signs of dropping a new single but yesterday he got fans hopes high as he said something big will be dropping today we thought it would even be an impromptu single release but the big thing was clearing the air and it's clearly visible that a new single is on the way but the issue here is that this is not the regular stuff you see even though we are not sure we can say this will be different because few days ago he made a post on facebook, read the content of the post below.

Its very okay "churchically" for me as a "brother nwachuwku" to sympathize with a sister who just had an unwanted pregnancy or advice others about abstinence, advice a brother who abuses drugs, preach against same sex marriage, etc.But when I want to put it into song (to reach out to a wider audience who might be going through the same condition or even worse) because trust me I can't reach out to all organically, I suddenly become wayward, and not spiritual. Ndi church, I don't understand you people again. We have issues everywhere, hearts that need healing, suicides everywhere, relationships crashing, marriages breaking. Our songs need to also speak to these people specifically (if possible at their very point of need).If the church can't reach out with truths like this IN SONGS (and other mediums, aside the conventional pattern), then we are amongst men most blinded.We have to be the change we desire, if we don't make a conscious effort towards this, it’s not only going to stay the way it is, it'll get worse.

After seeing the song cover photo and title we couldn't hold it again but have to ask about the song and while speaking with him he said:
This is far beyond the beat, the vibe, and the rhythm. Its another heartfelt number from the depth and core of my heart.
Brace yourselves my people, "One Tap" is almost upon us Go tell it on the mountains, over the hills and everywhere.

Below is the cover photo of the new song comig from son of the lion

From the write up he made on facebook, his reply, song cover art and title we've come to a conclusion that this isn't going to be the regular churchy type but whatever style it's going to come out trust it to have a message addressing some life issues and has a positive impact and vibe because that's what the son of the lion is known for. But till then let's wait for it patiently.