Unik News: The Grateful EP by LI is closer than you thought

Love Israel popularly known as LI has finally cleared the air about his forthcoming EP tagged grateful or GR8FL for short. Throughout last year the artist made a lot of anticipation about the EP but the year ended without any sign of the EP not even a track from it and it was distressing to a lot of people who were anticipating the EP. Recently while we had a chat with him he revealed that everything to push out the EP is almost ready as he is still faced with one challenge he refused to share with the public but he assured that by God's grace this year the EP will be out.
Talking about the motivation behind the EP he said
"A lot happened here, a lot of what I never talked about, even the issues parents had no idea, I saw more downs than ups. DOWNs taught me to never love her and UP was a lady who would take two years to agree for a one night launch date that would last for 1 hour. In the midst of this I learnt patience, hope and never stop having, believe and hold on to faith, I learnt endurance and thanksgiving, and trust was what took time to set in. I thought of giving up but then I felt surge of strength whenever I pack my bags to leave it wasn't easy, there was not much stuffs left on the list that a student would go through that I never went through. I finally made it to the finish line strong and Kinging. Yeah I thank God for his mercies; 5years ago I was a lost kid but NOW I am God's presence, it's time for exploit. It's time for much greater works ; it's Jesus who is in charge here. GR8FL."