Unik Muzik: Oche Jonkings - Most High ft Emmasings || @ochejonkings

"Oche Jonkings" is an award winning Nigerian based, Benue born Music minister whose ministry is characterized by the tangible and palpable presence of God with the demonstration of power
He is the crooner of the popular praise&wroship songs 'EVERYBODY LUKU LUKU', 'OMANCHALA ODEGWUDEGWU', 'SEATED ON THE THRONE' among many others
His new song MOST HIGH features Emmasings an energetic and great praise and worship leader. The song comparatively exemplifies the almightiness of God as what is bigger than men, is smaller than Him, what is higher than men, is lower than Him. What is stronger than men is nothing to Him. Truth is, there's no HIGH HIGHER THAN THE MOST HIGH. It's deep, it's spirit filled, it's classic and it's a master piece. I am very sure this will bless you tremendously.