June 07, 2018

Henry Samson

Unik Muzik + Lyrics: Ogechi - Nobody Like Jesus ft Victory // @Ogechivic3iboro


Ogechi is a music minister, song writer, and a worship leader at First Love Assembly Port Harcourt,
In this powerful duet she features Minister Victory-iboro (her husband,music director and Mentor). This Song will get you on your feet as you give glory to God and exalt the Personality of JESUS Christ!.

Twitter: @Ogechivic3iboro

Facebook: Ogechi Victory-Iboro

Instagram: @iamogechivic3iboro

There is nobody like JESUS
Nobody like JESUS(2x)
There is nobody like him

Whose voice splits the mighty cedars?
Whose voice strikes with bolts of lightening?
Whose voice roars like many waters?
Nobody but him
Mountains melt like  waxs before him
Jordan turned back at his holy presence
He's the fourth man in the fire
Nobody but him

RPT chorus

Verse 2
Who can turn water into wine?
Who can stretch out a withered hand?
Who can raise the dead back to life?
Nobody but him
Who can walk on top of water?
Who can die and live again?
Who can lead captivity captive?
Nobody but him

 RPT chorus

There is nobody like him

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