June 13, 2018

Henry Samson

Unik Muzik: Edache Daniels - Somewhere In LIfe (The Album) || @EdacheDaniels


Dissimilar to his Debut collection (Ancient Stones) where he concentrated on Ancient information, musicality and verse, stories told and messages from the sky undelivered to the hearts of men, here in the sophomore collection (Somewhere in Life) he addresses his singularity, development and encounters. Addressing love, development and reason.
Edache Daniels holds on to the trust that he is the divinely selected individual among the remnant of a withering species.
Somewhere in life is a Magical profound blessing by the heavens through a man's heart.


01. Potter and Clay (DOWNLOAD)
02. Song for Me (DOWNLOAD)
03. Jah's Love (DOWNLOAD)
04. Wuru Wuru (DOWNLOAD)
05. Gbega (DOWNLOAD)
06.  I God and We (DOWNLOAD)
07. Hustle and Pray (DOWNLOAD)
08. Money Jesus (DOWNLOAD)
09. Gudu Meje (DOWNLOAD)
10. Holy Water (DOWNLOAD)
11. Babylonian Fire (DOWNLOAD)

Henry Samson

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