Unik Videos: Kelar Thrillz - Identity (Freestyle) || @KelarThrillz

Urban/Hip Hop Gospel rapper Kelar Thrillz, in consistence with his guarantee of conveying new materials sequentially for a 3-week time span, discharges the free-form video "Identity".
Kelar Thrillz is decided about his definition in the new video. He focused on the should be distinguished by the expression of God, not by socio-social nor financial variables.
"Individuals characterize personality from numerous points of view… your identity, what you wear, who you move with, your experience, instructive capabilities, your appearance, what religion you have a place with, your belonging and that's just the beginning… Truth is, my encounters and the general population around me molded me however the Word of God is the main thing that characterizes me. I'm not what the world says I am, I'm who God says I am… My personality is found in Christ."
In the wake of taking a year off to get himself more, build up his substance and adjust his stage make by concentrating on live exhibitions, Kelar Thrillz returns better and more grounded with "Personality" – the first among 3 other video substance to be discharged consecutive inside a space of 3 weeks. He calls this 3-week time span YARB Season. He is perceived for his exceedingly fiery exhibitions with his live band and move group, De-Fix Company.
Kelar Thrillz has indicated of more shocks, even after the 3 weeks consecutive discharges. Keep your eyes peeled!

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