Unik News: Winners Chapel Sagamu unveils a drive named after her

Yesterday May 13th 2018, Living Faith Church popularly known as Winners Chapel in Sabo area of Sagamu in Ogun state located Opp. Moye Hotel, Along Education Authority Road, G.R.A. Ext. added to it's name as they unveiled the driveway named after the ministry. This was achieved in courtesy of the last Shiloh committee and during the last Shiloh was when Sagamu crowned her new Akarigbo (King).

Speaking at the unveiling of the street, the presiding pastor of the branch Pastor Cornelius Alexander said:
This a sign of an operation of God as we are in our season of conquering our territories for Christ and by God's grace it will spread throughout the whole Sagamu and we will conquer the whole of sagamu for Christ.

The first phase of the drive was unveiled after the closing of her first service and the first phase is located at the entrance of the road to the church where their signpost is located while the second phase was unveiled at the end of her second service and it's located at the Local Government Area road.

Check out more photos from the unveiling below:-