Unik News: Photos from Abraham Asa event "THE HILLS"

The Hills is an annual event for heartfelt worshipers, basically the hills is not a place or building, but the temple of the most high and that's your body (you) which is also a place of answered prayers, this is the second edition.
The hills is a worship program that reminds us we are the righteousness of God through Christmas Jesus our source. The hills is a place of elevated worship. With minister Abraham Asa and The hills voices

During the hills program lifes were touch, confessions were made and story were changed, most persons draw our attention that burdens were lifted during our ministration, as at the first edition we recorded 10 testimonies, that we held at Church of God mission, Ozuzu close besides jamb office d\line ph. But the greatest of all is that souls were added to the kingdom of God as heaven rejoices.

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We minister in spirit and in truth, the atmosphere has always been amazing and lifes are always impact fully during our ministration.
When I think of the million who grope in the night, never lit by the bees of the world's through light
And it seems that He died in vain
Then I think how His glory the earth shall fill
And I lift up my eyes to OLIVET HILL
where the Lord shall return to reign

More photos from the event

THE HILLS - A place of elevated worship...