Unik News: Checkout winner of sound check Africa season 1

Tim Godfrey's SoundCheck Africa Season 1 came to an end last Saturday 28 of April, 2018 as the first, second and third Contestants grins home with prizes. The Main Winner, Who is the first is by his Biological name Okechukwu Egbomuche and okeychuks as his stage name and was respected with measure of #500,000.00, a few different prizes and a record bargain.
OkeyChucks was Mentored by Segun Obe.

The Runner up is @Sametaiye and @Samekenny who also went home grinning with plasma Television and some different prizes. Their alloted guide was Frank Edwards.

The third Runner up was Queen Esther who ran home with an exceptional blessing from Rox Nation. Her alloted Mentor was Onos Ariyo.

No issues up to this point the Reality Show, SoundCheck Africa has open the eyes and Challenged the youngsters that are talented in Singing to the Glory of God to work extremely hard to grandstand what the ruler planted inside them. By the Grace of God The Rox Nation Boss, Tim Godfrey has made the vision a reality that everybody has seen and accept. Utilizing this stage to empower and push the youngsters.

This is one of the thing each honored artists ought to do if have the Ability. Its a thing of God and whosoever does anything that is identifying with God's name, paradise's favoring is upon such a man. The cheer over yonder is inconspicuous and more than what any man can foresee.

Congrats to all the winners!!!!