Unik Muzik: Sax Gold - Air ft Wole Oni || @SaxGoldOfficial

From the abundance of her saxophone competence births her first single – 'Air' highlighting the flexible and versatile music maestro – Wole Oni. 'Air' is a combination of numerous instruments with the saxophone as the lead, bringing about a delightful, compelling Jazzy-loco depression, yet unwinding and relieving.
Think 'Air', think God. Similarly as to live without God is to live without life, so you can't survive without 'Air'.
Subsequently the title – 'Air', so is Sax Gold a much needed refresher, get revived, strengthened and put the skip on your feet. Sax Gold (Frank-Ibi Shirley Oghenetega) is an imaginative and ingenious female saxophonist in her very own class. Her enthusiasm and dependence on the saxophone instrument exuded from her appreciation for extraordinary and incredible saxophonist – Dave Koz from youth.

As it is said – "In consistency lies the power", she has kept up and propelled her enthusiasm, transformed it into center and industriousness. 

On the culmination of her first degree (B.A. Music, Delta State University 2012), she moved to Lagos with the sole point of saddling her ability, and offering back to the world. From that point, she joined the congregation family – God's Favorite House in 2013, turned into the first saxophonist till date. She additionally began a music school – The Saxophone School concentrated principally on saxophone preparing. She joined WOMP (Wole Oni Music Production) band, so far she has worked with the group on the Make Music Lagos venture, Runway Jazz, Mass Akure, Jazz On My Mind – in the midst of others.  Moreover, in 2017 she was marked on to the WOMP Record Label, claimed by multi-grant victor and maestro, Sir Ambassador Wole Oni.