Unik Muzik: Kyra Anozie - Power in your Name || @RisaOma

After the arrival of her presentation single titled: "YOU DESERVE IT", Gospel Music Minister, Worship pioneer and lyricist, KYRA ANOZIE is back with another soul recorded tune titled "POWER IN YOUR NAME" 
KYRA ANOZIE has been engaged with music all her life, Serving God with this endowment of hers and as of now serving in her Church Dominion City Abuja HQ, Gudu. 
She has driven a few melodic gatherings additionally been a piece of numerous since her auxiliary and college days. She isn't only a music serve however a prophetic admirer who by God's effortlessness mending's and deliverance's have occurred under her ministrations. 
"POWER IN YOUR NAME" is a melody that basically tells on our legacy in Jesus,When God gave us Jesus,He gave us everything including the name of Jesus and This tune gives an aggregate comprehension of all that we have or ever need in that name JESUS! 
This tune is set to likewise convey the audience to a reality that Christ Jesus has paid the cost for all of us on the Cross thus He was magnified and given a name that is over each other name and by this name,we can money at all I mean at all we need! 
This tune was propelled by God to bring recuperating, deliverance and leaps forward to the lives of numerous people. God is still in the matter of doing supernatural occurrences don't surrender 
This intense tune was delivered by Sunny Pee.