May 18, 2018

Henry Samson

Unik Fashion: Tonia Shodunke rocks in native attire

Tonia Shodunke who just released the beautiful single Atobiju featuring Mike Abdul is not just a singer but an embodiment and epitome of beauty. She recently took to Instagram to show us that beauty and also how she rocks in native attires. Check the image she postedon Instagram with its caption and rate her dress sense on a scale of 1-10

Stop 'importalizing' people at the detriment of yourself! Wisdom demands that you don't cast your pearls before swines. Matthew 7:6 Remember this, when someone looks down on you: They are being little. Small minded people won’t celebrate you. Small minded people will be jealous, will criticize, find fault, gossip and try to make you feel bad about yourself. Don’t ever fight battles with small minded people, your destiny is too great to be distracted by someone this small, they are not going where God is taking you. Walk away from 'foolish' people,  that's why you have legs... WALK AWAY. Some people do longer deserve your time or attention. - Excepts from #TheWomanConference with our Apostolic Matriarch @ffadejumo - - #WisdomNuggets #EmbraceYourWorth #GodsPricedPossession #SayNoToSmallMinds #WalkAway
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