December 23, 2017

Henry Samson

Unik News: Minister Emeka Egwim celebrates birthday with orphans and shares a touching story

Gospel Minister Emeka Egwim who celebrated his birthday few days ago took to his social media account to tell how he spent his birthday with the orphans and he also shared a touching story on why decided to celebrate his birthday with the orphans. Read the story below:

Three years back I had a friend named Godwin, who had no father and mother to take care of him or neither pay his tution fee, he had to join cultism so he could steal from people to survive. When I came across this young man, during my normal morning cry, he heard me preached, he wondered and rushed down to me immediately I finished preaching saying "fine pastor, I answered with smiles "sir". And he said he had a confession, I listened to this brother narrating a story about himself, how he lost his mum and dad at the age of six years, and his relatives chased him out at the age of 12 years, he had no choice but to hit the street. After listening to this brother, I shed tears, I prayed with him, shared some passages in the Bible with him, gave him my Bible, I'll always check up on the brother, even starved myself to make sure the brother eats, so I traveled back to Port Harcourt, and couldn't get reach of The brother anymore, when I came back to school, I visited his place, so shocking I heard he was shot dead by the police on a robbery mission.
That day I felt like killing myself, I shed tears for weeks, then I said to myself on the 18th of December my birthday, I'll set it aside for the motherless and less privilege, in rememberance of my good friend Godwin.
Brethren this kids needs your helping hands, you could skip your lunch, money take a walk to any motherless home and show some love.
God bless you fams.

See more photos from the orphanage visitation below

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