December 25, 2017

Henry Samson

Unik News: BLW PopNation artistes join Tru South on Christmas visit to female Kirikiri inmates, displaying liquid love.

The joy of female inmates at Kirikiri Prison in Lagos, Nigeria, knew no bounds as LMAM artistes and Gospel activists, Tru South, Snypa, Fega, Sophia, Mirabel and others paid them a Christmas visit, bearing gifts in the form of Bibles, toiletries, food, stationery and more.
The Holy Spirit already caused the people to worship and bubble in their spirits even before the ministers arrived. Their eyes filled with so much expectation and hope as music minister, Sophie, began to lead them in heartfelt worship. The meeting room was electrified, shouts of joy, praise and liberty erupting from one end to the other.

Ministering God’s Word in the fulness of the Spirit, Tru South brought the audience into the awareness of their liberty in Christ. The Word came with power, causing many to rejoice, jump, shout and utter bold faith proclamations. He made them understand the importance of talking the word in spite of their circumstances, declaring and walking in their liberty first with their hearts and mouths. A special prayer session became the climax of the Christmas visit, resulting in several supernatural occurrences, healing miracles and deliverance. Many were set at liberty from sicknesses and demonic oppressions. Many boldly received salvation through Christ Jesus, being filled with the Holy Spirit in their numbers and speaking in tongues under His influence.

Henry Samson

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