December 01, 2017

Henry Samson

Unik New: List of nominees for the Isoko Award by Jewel Affairz


This event is to celebrate the laudable achievements of the Isoko/ friends of Isoko people. To align with Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa's led development policy to set a standard of virtues values for the people to attain to.

The Awards is a subjective guide to Isoko's and friends who have achieved, inspired, intrigued, entertained, impacted or otherwise captured the collective imagination of our people in recent times. Below are the people nominated for the award.

1. Fashion designer of the year.
Nuel Lamar
Obos Dniester
Lady DY unisex fashion
Lil Paul

2. Comedian of the year
Broda Bros
Obaro Ubara
Council Egco
MC Kaya
Mc Worwor face
Mc Icefish
MC Don Dap
Mc 2gifted
Anointed Aboki

3. Most outstanding cultural group of the year
Opiri cultural dance group.

4. Father of the year
Bishop Aruakpor
Rev Great Abraham.

5. Mother of the year
Mrs Aruapkor
Her royal masjesty queen of Oleh kingdom
Mrs Solomon Akeni

6. Royal father of the year
Ovie of Ozoro
Odiologbo of Oleh
Okpolo of Enwhe

7. Hotel of the year
Odus Hotel
Noble Hotels
Palufe Hotel
H&O Hotel
Blue Ocean
Senate inn
Agba Sol
Mirrat resourt

8. N. G. O of the year
Ugholeh Orphanage Home
Umeh need road
Oduh Edafe Unuezi foundation
Eweya club
Ogbe Elites club owhelogbo Nigeria

9. Couple of the year
Mr/Mrs Peter Aruakpor
Mr/Mrs Olomo Keno
Mr/Mrs Karrygod
Barr/Barr James Akporero
Mr/Mrs Patrick Emakpor Oghenevbede

10. Model of the year
Gift Savior
Ajimi Blessing
Ataseriba Joy
Sarah Efi
Oraka Kenneth

11. Company of the year
Skyward resources
RWEP-MID Nigeria

12. Most Outstanding socialist of the year
Afiklass Teshola Boukwei
Barr Afahokor Duncan
Friday Fredrick Dollar

13. DJ of the year
DJ Emulism
DJ Winner
DJ Ken
DJ Maxwell

14. Make-up artist of the year
Kruzita Obos Sparkle
Erezi Precious
Sarah Efi
Fome Blaq
Glamorous bride & Cosmetics.

Voting starts 1st of December and closes 30th of December 2017. While voting is on interviews will also be on as well, on any of the categories we are sure of. Please call us if your name is on our list for quick accessibility as we hope to serve you better!


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Note: Please complete names or business names only will be accepted next edition! Thanks for the nominations contributions and sugesttions we are working on them to serve you better. We are grateful! Share with your friends using the social media buttons below to get your favorite nominees votes.


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