December 01, 2017

Henry Samson

Unik Muzik + Lyrics: Obediah ft Da CrystaLz - Christ is Born @obedapkomudje

Gospel singer Obediah As finally Drops His Awaited song with his crew Da CrysTaLz
“Chris Is Born" is a Spirit Lifting song that talks about Birth of Christ and how much Redemption his Birth of our new King would bring to the world.
The song was written way back in December 2013 and was Performed Live with CMDA (Christian Medical And Dental Association) Choir UPTH Chapter and there was so much high demand for the Original Recording of the song back then . But the wonderful thing about God is that he does his things at his own time, his own Pace and with the right Vessels because he doesn't make mistakes

According to The artist he said:
The truth is that the Recording of this song was never in my plans, at least not this year having just Released ‘I Am Grateful' two months ago. But the Holy Spirit just suddenly clouded my thoughts with it and i just couldn't disobey.

Join ‘Obediah & Da CrysTaLz' as we celebrate the Birth of our King with this mind blowing Reggae piece. Use the link below to cop yours and don't forget to share with your friends using the social media buttons below.

Christ Was Born (2x)
Born on Christmas Day
Oh Oh Oh Oh
He was born (2x)
Born to Save Us
Oh Oh Oh Oh

In a manager i heard a baby's Voice
It was the Voice of the son of God
His name is Wonderful, Prince of Peace, Almighty God
See the Stars shining from afar
The whole world is filled with Joy
I can hear the angels singing
Glory Glory Hallelujah
On the day that Christ was born

Glory to the new King
Glory to the new King
We Sing Praises to the new King (2x)
We sing Halle to the new King
We Give glory, honour, Power, Forever, Praises to the new King (2x)
Say Yeah to the new King (2x)

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