December 16, 2017

Henry Samson

Unik Muzik + Lyrics: Mo'vic Onyejefu - This Love

Mo'vic Onyejefu Gospel minister raising with God's spiritual arrow of grace, fruitfull & humble reside in Gwarimpa estate Abuja.
Chemical Engineer by profession & Jesus culture R'artiste. On his single title THIS LOVE, a song expressing how awesome and glorious is our God, even while we stumble he still love us and gives us great future,.
Quote: when God decide everything reside.
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You alone deserve my praise
I can't live without your love
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
You are our God

Verse 1
Have being searching everywhere
Have gone faraway
I never knew this love was close to me(2x)

Hallelujah! Hallelujah Hallelujah'ah!!!
I never knew this love was close to me

Verse 2
You are faithful in your words
You re amazing in your love
I never knew this love was close to me
You re the reason why I breath
You are awesome in your way!
I never knew this love was close to me

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