Unik Muzik: Iykdeon T. — Jehovah God || @iykdeonTMusic

Emerging and sophomoric gospel minister IYKDEON T. makes his debut with the accelerative release of his worship single 'Jehovah God', a song of acknowledgement unto God. The Abia State born music minstrel capitalised his vocal tempo on the basis of God's superiority over all things. It's a song delivered to us as an instrument for God's worship, stake to it. The song which is set to magnify the Almighty God chooses to demonstrate His accolade and victory meted on the Cross and deliverance given to mankind.

“As We enter the season of Christmas, for He who had loved us above all things, above His kingdom, He who swore and venture in our redemption work completely, we have nothing much to say to to call him JEHOVAH OUR GOD” - IYKDEON T.
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Connect with Iykedon:
Twitter: @IYKDEONTMusic
Facebook: Gideon Nwaeze