Unik Interview: DeGoldberg - The Switch Story

The story continues from HOW THE ASSU STRIKE OF 2009 RESHAPED MY MUSIC LIFE.

According to DeGoldberg, he has always wanted to be an in. between artist not fully Christian and not fully secular. That was his plans while growing up. As at then he was a born again and he knew Jesus Christ but his motive of going into music was majorly commercial success, with this thought he made his music that they were not totally secular neither were they fully gospel. This being in between concept influenced his first two songs "IYE MELE" and "HAPPY MEMORIES" which features Marcus E and this song later became a hit song in his school then. But according to him he found out that staying in between was slippery and when one glides you'll glide easily into the secular world easily than slide into the gospel world and yes it happened to him. His early songs were no longer playable in churches and his gigs and shows were majorly night clubs and secular events but this wasn't his plans. His plans were to do both but now secular has taken over. This whole scenario was in 2010. His faith is now under attack and is diminishing little by little, then in 2011 he heard of a Joint Christian Campus Fellowship (JCCF) program and he decided to put gospel music on trial. Lo and behold after the program a whole lot of people were with him telling him how they were blessed by his music which is something entirely different from the club where he was told "You are dope" Fire and the rest. He started getting testimonies from his songs and he felt he needed to stay in church. From then till now he has been there and has been loving it. Then in 2012 he decided to go on a break because of reasons not unveiled to us. Then April 2017 he dropped BONES and believe me you after the incoming THOMAS it's going to be hits after hits and promising all his fans he says "2018 is going to be brighter"
And that was the switch story. Thomas by him dropping 15.12.17. Get set to download.