Unik Muzik: TruSouth - Second Chance || @2rusouth

Tru South The Rap Evangelist Popularly known for his Undying Passion for soulwinning comes with a message for every one . This piece is Titled “ SECOND CHANCE ” . A blend of’ Hip Hop / Soul’ finely done to lift up the soul of any one who is down with self guilt , depression or shame.
GOOD NEWS – It doesn ’ t matter what you have been through in life or whatever you may have done because of the situation you have found yourself . Jesus isn’ t holding your flaws against you , He knows what you are going through and He wants to help you , He loves you and will always give you a second chance no matter what you have done or what you do wrong . Make that bold step and embrace his love today . Do it now don ’ t wait for tomorrow cos it might be TOO LATE . Download with the link below and don't forget to use the social media buttons below to share with your friends and let them know that there's a SECOND CHANCE.