November 11, 2017

Henry Samson

Unik Muzik: Ema - Okeosisi || @emaonyx

After the successful release of I DEPEND ON YOU and MIRACULOUS GOD, Ema has come again with a soul lifting song titled Okeosisi (The tree of life). No matter what you are going through, please don't stop speaking to God because,
He's too good to fail
He's too true to lie
He is the "okeosisi" nenye ndu (The tree of life)


You're too good to fail 
Alewi leshe
You have proven yourself 
You're too true to lie 
Awi mayehun
You're the covenant keeping God
You have done what you said
Faithful God
I will love you for life
I have searched and searched and searched all over 
no one like you
Okeosisi neyendu 

Most high 
Most high 
Most high God 
Okeosisi neyendu

Okeosisi neyendu 
Most high,most high 
Okeosisi neyendu ,most high,most high

Henry Samson

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