November 16, 2017

Henry Samson

Unik Articles: Your Past, Destiny and the connection - Dunamis Shiloh Okonwor

Most people wonder why someone who was abused sexually is today championing the course of sex abuse and sexual purity in society. The wonder is more when a criminal or womanizer is now preaching against the attitudes of his past.

Most times as a coach when young people meet me for clarity and counsel on what to do with their lives, I always take them back to their past experiences, and study their present passion to know where their life is heading.

It's so important. There is a reason why you went through all you went through which is beyond what you feel at that moment.

You know why you seem to have passion for demestic violence having gone through domestic violence and survived?
You know why you are so passionate about young people who mess up their lives in the name of relationship having gone through similar experience?
You know why you are so passionate about reviving the educational system after been tormented by the system while in school?

The answer is this...

Just like Moses, when God sends you to be a saviour from a particular problem, he sometimes allow you to pass through the experiences for you to really know how it feels.

You were created as a prayer answer. You are a saviour. But like Jesus, you sometimes have to carry the weight of sin to know how it feels and what it's like.

The most important thing to note here is... When you finally come out of that problem, you have enough experience, hands-on knowledge and adequate information to help those who are still in it.

What happens is... The virtue for which God used to deliver you never leaves you. It's still with you and with it you can help, save and be a succour to those who are still suffering from it.

The connection is for you to understand that your experiences weren't for the fun of it. They were to direct you to your purpose and channel you to destiny.

Your job is to accept responsibility and lend a helping hand to those indeed of it starting from your immediate environment.

By so doing, you'd find purpose, happiness and fulfilment.

What are your experiences?
What are you experiencing now?

God and humanity are waiting to hear and learn from your survival story!

Nations are waiting to drink from your virtue.

Rise up to destiny!

I can always help you if you need a coach

Your fulfilment is my priority...

© Dunamis Shiloh Okonwor
Youth Lifestyle Coach

Henry Samson

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