November 20, 2017

Henry Samson

Unik Articles: Fulfilling your destiny

Destinies are like stock exchange, levels changes per day. That you are classmates, don't deceive yourself you won't be classmates forever. Even when you are in the same class you are still by destiny rated into different classes because that guy is busy doing something that you are not doing. Even though you sit in the same class his computer readings in heaven is shooting high 0.57 today 0.79 tomorrow 1.12 next tomorrow and you are going the other way round and you think you are in the same class. I might have has some classmates perhaps who never read an entire text in a semester and there are others who read daily to boost his resources in order to enhance his results. So don't be deceived by sitting in the same class, locate your own class. You might have gone into ministry with Dr David Oyedepo but that doesn't make you classmates in ministry. Levels changes because there's one who is making an investment that the other is not making.
Every time you buys a new cloth it covers only your body but when you buy a book or any other resource material it covers your destiny. Today, you buy jeans tomorrow you buys chinox next tomorrow Gucci and Versace. You have 20 expensive shoes but not one text. It's time to change your budget. You have enough dresses now congratulations no more competition it's time to get information because you need more information to secure your colorful destination. Your value system matters in determining the destiny of your life, it matters a lot. To sum it up the orientation of the clothes you wear matters has gone wrong get this clear the clothes you wear do not really matter what should matter to you is the value you bear.

Henry Samson

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