Unik Muzik: Oase x Cypha - One Love || @Mr_cypha

In a time like this where things are tight in our Country, where things are unpredictable, where there's so much hate, stigmatization, discrimination, waring, back biting, cursing, tribal differences, religious crisis, to mention but a few, admidst all these, Love is the cure and solution. Love will heal us.
I was honoured when one of Benue's finest minstrels Oase (a Raggae/Dance hall Prodigy), reached out to me to lend my voice on this project "One Benue, One Nigeria" and this was birthed, I call mine "One Love", with a pure Dance Hall Vibe. If you listened to "Grace and Mercy" Cover I did featuring Oase, you'll agree with me that it was fire, therefore this is Fire guaranteed.
Be blessed by this and please do share!

Chorus (Oase)  
One Love
Good people, great nation
One Love
Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba
Together we will be better hear me say
One Love, One Love, One Love
Food basket of the nation
One Love
Etilo, Igede, Idoma, Tiv 
Together we will be better ehhhh

Verse 1(Cypha) 
One Love na im hold us together OOO
Rain or even sunny weather OOO
I go dey with you 
Through think and THIN
Make we come together like say we be TWIN
Fight go come but forget that THING
Make we put our eyes on tomorrow's THING
As e simple so, na so E BI
Ki ife so wa po like say we EBI (let love bind us together like a family) 
One Love ni hold us together OOO
Rain or even sunny weather OOO
Brother make we love as one
Beauty dey for DIVERSITY
Make we fit school for one UNIVERSITY
Make peace dey and HARMONY
God go bless you us, we go make MONEY
Cypha dey here so oo

Verse 2(Cypha) 
Oya dance make we share good loving
I go show you love I no go think am TWICE
Love again Say make it TRICE
Say you need me the same way I need you
Make you no dey form like sey you no know 
Cypha the here so o
Share good loving 
For no reason
In every season 
Stop the hating
Discriminating Ye
Stop the cursing Ye ye
 back biting Ah
The waring 
Oya dance make we share good loving 
I go show you love I no go think TWICE 
Love again, sey make e be TRICE 
Love for Naija na na