Unik Muzik: Edache Daniels - Gudu Meje

Backing up his award & recent win as THE BEST GOSPEL ACT OF THE YEAR, from the just concluded Benue Universities Award, the legendary EDACHE DANIEL'S sets us on high with a Fuji/reggae/hip-hop/ vibe which is more like nothing you ever heard GUDU MEJE. AND 8n his words he said:

And I can't say thank you enough & for this I would be giving out a new song For you My beloved partner and friend today tilted Gudu Meje  which means Good Good seven times fall on us Shamo Wole the light is on us now & we are in all joy to hit the dance floor singing Hallelujah aii

Hit the link below to download the music and don't forget to use the social media buttons below to share with your friends. Congratulations Edache Daniels on your award.