Unik Lyrics: Joe Sami - About You

What can you say about God if you are asked who he is to you or what he has done for you? JoeSami releases this awesome and jaw dropping song which he titled ABOUT  YOU the songs talks about the awesomeness and mightiness of God and his power. You surely will not want to miss this in your playlist. Use the link below to download the muzik and do make it a day to tell us about God in the comment section below and remember to share with your friends because SHARING IS CARING. Download, Listen and be blessed.

Download Muzik Here

oh..oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh yea yea
Lord we love u
What a privilegeh to serve u lord God Almighty

Verse 1
Holy one,you're bigger than what people say, ehm
Spirit divine,all creations bow before your throne
You're the reason,you're the Reason for the season
You're the reason,reason every thing 
He wraps himself in light
On the wings of the wind he walks 
Like a garment he spreads the heavens
And flow between the mountains

Call: Jehovah bu Elelebe eje olu
All: Elelebe eje olu (2x)

Chorus: Everything about u is perfect
So perfect beyond description (2x)
You're beautiful
All: uhh..uhh.uhh uhh(2x)

Verse 2
Look around can u see the works of the lord
He's not a man that he should lie ehh
His words are true for sure its life
He makes the blind to see
And he walks.upon the sea
He gives life to the dead
That's why the trees they stand in ovation

Call: Jehovah bu Elelebe eje olu 
All: Elelebe eje olu (2x) 
(Repeat chorus)
Perfect healer
Perfect creator
Perfect giver oh oh
Perfect saviour (2x) 

Adlip: In the highest oh oh oh oh uh oh oh oh
Lift up his name eeh eh eh eh ehm
Hallelujah, hallelujah 

Call: He reigns
All: He reigns(4x) 
Ad lips: My father, u reign, he reigns, he reigns
Great provider,he reigns,he reigns,he reigns
Perfect healer...perfect creator 
Oh my God,I can stand (2x)
Great provider, we give you praise.