July 10, 2017

Henry Samson

Unik Poetry: Mjite - Lost


Deep down in my own thoughts
I'm led by confusion 
Series of explanations
I can't comprehend 

It all happened like a flash 
Before I could count 123, it was all gone
All the struggles, the pains, the sweat 
All became naught 

I'm lost
Where am I coming from? 
And to what am I coming for? 
These questions need answers 

My wings are getting weaker 
My ego falling off
Like the London's fallen bridge 
So I sit and wonder 

Shooting stars are fading 
The moon is getting darker 
Where am I 
Because I'm lost in the middle of nowhere


Akpakpovi A. Majirioghene popularly known as Mjite is a 100L Engineering Student of the Delta State University. She is also a speaker, a poet and a writer and a student of the Generation next speakers academy located at Oleh, Delta State. Her belief about life is that, Life doesn't get better but we just gotta grow stronger. Whether we Win or Lose, we got to keep moving forward.

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Henry Samson

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