July 14, 2017

Henry Samson

Unik News: 11 Facts about Shime Ahua


Shime Ahua is the brand new name in town. She's a female artist who hails from Benue State, Nigeria signed under popular rapper Limoblaze records label "YOUNG, SAVED AND RIGHTEOUS - YSR COLLECTIVE" She will be dropping her debut single tomorrow but before then here are 11 facts we think you should know about her.

1. She loves God
2. She loves music
3. She's a DC fan and wants to be an 18 year old super hero assassin
4. She loves art
5. She has an ethnic Afrocentric style
6. She loves cakes
7. Her family comes before other people
8. She can be very direct...believes "the truth is better than sugar coated tales"
9. She just wants to make an impact
10. She loves black and white
11. She is an artiste under Limoblaze's YSR

Her debut single You & Me drops tomorrow!

According to Limoblaze he said the song is exceptional see his post concerning the exceptional qualities of YOU AND ME by his new signee Shime Ahua.

Shime Ahua - You & Me
Song writing & composition = Exceptional
Instrumentation(Pro skills) = Exceptional
Vocal delivery = Exceptional
Mix & Mastering(Mix wonder) = Exceptional
If a song or an artist wasn't that exceptional I wouldn't dedicate so much time trust me!!!

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