July 19, 2017

Henry Samson

Unik Articles: Graceful George - Let It Shine


When I was little, I would always go to Church in the morning and go to Scripture Union in the afternoon, our mum made sure we don’t miss it for any reason even though sometimes I wouldn’t feel like going. During those times, one of our neighbors would see me coming back from church and he would run and hide till I pass with my bible. I was worried about that. When I asked an elder what that means he said “when sinners are running from you, it means you are a true believer”. I smiled, I felt I was a good believer, at least my presence was chasing sinners away and I started enjoying it, I felt I had become so righteous as God that my aura can’t behold iniquity anymore!

After I had grown up and started studying the bible for myself and from a different perspective I discovered that I was making mess of Christianity. I was not representing God’s brand as I ought to, I discovered it was lies from the pit of hell that sinners are supposed to run away from me! Looking at the entire scriptures, I discovered that even God himself doesn’t scare sinners away, you can imagine God saying in Ezekiel 33:11 that he doesn’t take delight in the death of the wicked but wants them to come to repentance. I also saw the religious people calling Jesus a friend to sinners in Matthew 11:19 and I wondered what would have prompted that! I didn’t see anywhere in the scriptures where Jesus was condemning sinners, in fact Jesus said in John 3:17 “For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.”

I discovered how useless Christianity would have been if it was another religion, another group of people who are hard on law breakers. I imagined what the case would have been when they brought the woman caught in adultery to Jesus, he would have risen up instead of bending down to write, he would have looked at the woman in utter disgust and say “you are a disgrace, you have disgraced the people of God! You’ll be stoned to death!” but no! Jesus isn’t like that, Jesus is love personified and he had to bend down, it was touching his heart, he was compassionate… I’d like to say that Jesus was an emotional being when he came to earth as a man. The accused woman must have been beaten and thrown right at his feet and the worst of it was that she wouldn’t bring up any defense, first she is a woman, and secondly she was caught in the very act! There was nothing to say but just keep quiet and watch them stone life out of her, she was ready to die and she thought to herself that she deserved to die, she may have even thought God wants her dead too! Well, Jesus didn’t think so… After dealing with her accusers, Jesus said to her “I do not condemn you. Go and sin no more!”

Connect with Graceful George at the George's Diary and get in touch with his other soul lifting and encouraging articles. Part two of this series will be available on Saturday. Remain blessed.

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