July 20, 2017

Henry Samson

Unik Articles: Omokaro Kelvocal - Spread the Gospel don't let the secular music attitude influence Gospel music


Omokaro Kelvocal an addicted and soul worshipper in the body of Christ and also a recording artist has seen some attitudes in the secular music world that is gently creeping into the Gospel music community and being a man of truth he has come out to address this issue in a post he made on Facebook. Below is the post he made on Facebook:-

Haven't you noticed that in the secular music industry, when an artiste is being featured on a song, the main art always get to push and promote the song alone and all the featured art will only do is just to post on one or two of his social media platforms once, and that's all. Especially when the featured art sees his or her self as bigger than the song owner...

Well, in their own case, i think that is fine, because most of them don't actually have good messages to pass across, other than singing about women and money.

But the sad news is that, it's also happening in the Gospel Music Industry, because you think you are a bigger artiste, featured by an upcoming or yet to be well known artiste doesn't mean you shouldn't put equal or 40% effort to make sure the song goes far. You will see an artiste begging and reminding the featured artiste to pls share on his or her social media before they will do so.
If it's called THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST, then let us put a collective and equal effort to push it and make sure it gets to the people and be a huge blessing to them.
I think if we have chosen to help each other, we should make sure we do it wholeheartedly as it should be.

Henry Samson

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