June 17, 2017

Henry Samson

Unik Muzik + Lyrics: Valkiz - E Don Better x African Cutie || @valkiz


Valentine Praise Okorocha, a.k.a VALKIZ is a Gospel Artist who hails from Imo State, Owerri West, and was born into a family of six. He started Music with an instrument "Drums" at age 8, then professionally started at age of 12.

He released his first debut Album on 1st of December 2013 titled "He Has Lifted Me Up". This created a podium for him to work and sing alongside with lots of Great Gospel Sinach, Joepraise, Etc. ministers like Frank Edwards, Samsong, Asu Ekiye , Solomon Lange.

VALKIZ is a Worshiper, a producer, Songwriter, Presenter and also a praise leader and now with a Breath of grace purpose and time, he has come out with his new single titled "SAMEGOD" a song highly defined with a GREATER Anointing to let the world know that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today now and forever.

E Don better oh ohh"
E Don better, (Rp) oh oh ohhh" X3
For Nigeria
E Don better oh ohh"
E Don better, (Rp) oh oh ohhh! X3
For Nigeria

Whether u bi igbo, hausa or yoroba,
You’re my brother, you’re my sister
Let’s live as one in Peace and Unity Wou"woooh!
Divided we fall, together we stand.
I know it’s hard now, every day now.
Seem wrong now, every day now.
Seem tight now, every day now eehh!
Niger Don Better oyee'eh!
Niger Don Better, Don Better
Niger Don Better
Daddy' mummy
Niger Don Better,
Don Better
Niger Don Better
Don Better,
Niger Don Betters X2
Your my brother, your my sister
Think about it
Why do we hate and break each other
Instead to love one another
Let's heal what’s broken in us
Let's not forgot where we're coming from
So we know our destination.
I know it ain't easy but how about you take my hands
And I'll take yours
And together we can build a Greater Nigeria,
Not just for me and you but one for all, all for one.
Our life Grows in proportion to our personal growth,
So let's all keep on growing spiritually, mentally, morally in love
And unity…
I love you bro
Love you sis
Food and Job
Education, infrastructure
Security, employment
Good road
Let’s come together to live as one
Igbo, Hausa, Idomma, Yoruba
Where ever you are
Good people, great nation
That is who we are

Henry Samson

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