June 12, 2017

Henry Samson

Unik Muzik + Lyrics: Dr. Paul & Soul Solace – Kabiyesi || @Iam_DrPaul


From the “Yahweh” album, Dr. Paul and Soul Solace release the song “Kabiyesi”. Kabiyesi stands out in the album as a very strong and powerful worship song. With this song, Dr. Paul and Soul Solace continue to serve the populace with sound gospel songs with a message that resonates across the world.

Kabiyesi Lyrics

Kabiyesi, Otuto diri gi
Amam ni no ya
Agam ebuli gi elu oo
You deserve all my praise
You deserve all my worship
For You are the Lord
Ikariri ihe asi nibu.
Choir (repeat chorus 2x)

Verse 1

Eh, Jehovah muo
You are bigger than what people say
Alagbara, there is no one like you
Omnipotent God, you’re the pillar of my life
Mmiri nenye ndu.
Odighi onye yiri gi.
Choir (repeat chorus 1x)

Verse 2

Idi ebube You’re my glory and the lifter of my head
Idi omimi, You are deeper than the deepest sea, Jehovah mo
Idikwa elu o, You are higher than the highest mountain
Chineke moo,
Ikariri Ihe asi nibu.

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