June 03, 2017

Henry Samson

Unik Messages: The Station of the Cross


In 2013 at exactly January 9, 2013, I was in the house of a Roman Catholic priest to fix his laptop and I was privileged to watch The Catholic's EWTN channel. It gave a deep narration on the Stations of the Cross. Each of the stations had a story to tell and a lesson to learn.
I am going to give a little summary: Jesus came to die for our sins because of His love! When He said it is finished He meant everything that affected us negatively as a result of our sins. The narrative was bent on communicating the amazing nature of God. I watched it and cried... I cried because I saw a display of God's love in an amazing way. God is not angry with us but He feels bad to see the world reject Him and those who love Him. One of the most touching statement that kept resounding in my heart was

"we adore you oh! Christ and we bless you because by your holy cross you have redeemed the world!"

Jesus is still saying something today "as the father sent me, so have I send you."Dear friends, allow God to make you an instrument to bring comfort to people's life, to bring light where there is sadness, to share love to the outrageous world. As Christ has shown us how to love, let us therefore show the world who Jesus is by doing what Jesus did.

God bless you.

© Graceful George

Henry Samson

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