June 26, 2017

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Unik Articles: Good Music Production Tips - Stansteel Amamchukwu


Stansteel Amamchukwu is an Entrepreneur, Strategist,Multi-Creative Artiste & Music Producer and Extreme Lover Of God. From his experiences as a producer and seminars plus books he has read about production here comes the first ten tips to produce good music. Keep close because successive tips on producing and other music aspects will be discussed too.

Success isn't measured by the amount of money you earn. But sometimes doing it for the love is enough. But either way, some sound advice from those in the know is never a bad thing, right?

Firstly I'd like you know that music production is a very diverse and ambiguous topic and we will not be going into the advanced aspects of it now but I will also share with you subsequently on the advanced aspects as time goes on...

Below are some tips which I have tried and experimented over my few years as a music producer and I hope this little article will inspire and help you.

1. You must be very passionate about music production for you to produce positive results consistently. This must be your driving force not the money. If your aim is to just to make money from it I'm sorry to say that somehow, somewhere your gonna get frustrated and even quit. So learn to develop a strong passion for your art and this will help you develop your skills and get better from time to time. And when the time is ripe, the cash flow will becomes constant.

2. Choose any Daw(music production software) that is most convenient for you and develop yourself with it. One of the mistakes many producers make is running from one daw to another without having full knowledge of a particular one. There's some many daws out there like: Cubase, fl studio, Logic pro, Sonar, ableton live etc but you will do yourself more good by learning and perfecting one. So make up your mind on the daw of your choice and get materials from everywhere you can eg Internet, bookstores etc

3. Learn at least one musical instrument. I have heard and seen many people say that this factor is not a must for music producers, yes I agree but you can achieve soo much more with ease as a music producer if you have a knowledge of a musical instrument. What might take others 3 hours you can achieve in minutes. Melodies and percussion the most important aspects of music production and your knowledge of music instrument will make you create them with ease. No wonder most of the music producers around the world are mostly instrumentalist, ranging from Timbaland, Dr Dre, Dj khaled,swiss beats, pharrel Williams, Masterkraft, Cobhams Asuquo etc

4. Develop your ears- this is one of the most important aspect of music production and it never ends. Your ears grows and grows everyday as you practice. For you to grow your ears I suggest you get your self good studio monitors(speakers) and headphones and you must practice everyday! They say "practice makes perfect" so you wanna grow your ears practice everyday and listen to good songs with good sounds and mixes. I will recommend you listen to more of international songs and also our local African vibes in case your gonna be producing such genres. Always remember that a producer doesn't listen like a lay man. you must try to listen to every aspect while playing a song. ranging from the instrumentation, vocals and mixing and mastering etc

5. Get your self good studio equipment. Good studio equipments are not necessarily the most expensive ones. There are good cheap equipments in the market which can help you achieve good sounds like microphones, studio monitors, soundcards etc. Practice with them regularly and you will be surprised by the output you get. But am not saying the expensive ones are not good too... As you advance you can still decide to improve your sound and equipments, it's OK to go for more expensive ones.

6. surround yourself with well experienced and talented music producers so you can also learn from them and share ideas together, this will help you learn faster and be ahead of others. request from them sound kits, vsts, and softwares that will upgrade you. Don't rely on yourself and the tools you have. always ask questions and crave for new sound packs,tools and softwares. You can also get these stuffs online eg Native Instruments etc

7. A music producer is different from a sound engineer. So after producing songs you might require a sound engineer who can help you mix and master your projects and make it sound right. This is the mistake many producers make while trying to be a jack of all trade. Anyways this is another topic of its own. But please dear music producers it's better to get yourself good sound engineer who will help you with your mixing and mastering until you too can mix and master but which ever way make sure the mix and mastering is on point! Because poor mix and mastering will always turn off the listener even the lay man listener notices this consciously or unconsciously. So do your self good by working with a sound engineer.

8. Make sure you always treat every client with maximum respect to his/her satisfaction.

9. Never be in a hurry to finish.

10. Always remember to put God first in the process because only him can give you the perfect direction and sounds to apply during your projects. Never forget that.

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