June 07, 2017

Henry Samson

Unik Poetry: Liquor Damus - Alex6ix


Black-out at the backseat
Oh no, i think its a dream
Soak my robes in blood and spray my head with hot coals and ashes
It's worthless if it's not over heels
Because Scholars told me "Love heals"
So i got mine scattered like branches of the grapevine
Still, Eve is not mine
Oh no, i think its a dream.
Since after the Fall of mankind; Juices from the apple fruits never tasted sweet
I'm Naked on the North-Pole
Then i lay my heart bare on its cold sheets,
Keep your solace to thyself, 
cus I'm consecrated to the ecstatic bliss the WATER brings to my Sole - Soul
If the water gives Life; dilute mine with the alkaline drops
I'll end, then the pains stops
Can't get enough, No I can't get enough
Holy communion with the brethren
Break bread and drink sacramental wine
I'm consecrated afterwards, Oh sweet vine
Full myself then i fool myself,
The SPIRIT is willing
The flesh is weak
The VODKA is strong
The spirit is winner of 
Everything seems blur when I'm Under the Alco-fluence of In-cohol Dews
Poison lotion mixed with my Adrenaline Juice
But still Can't get enough, No I can't get enough.
Friends could burn bridges and be worst enemies
But i am my only friEnemy
After Hennessy; everybody looks like enemies
I'm at war with myself, i'm trying to see'if the henni cease
I screw-flipped bottle caps, cus the liquor is fine
But the priest fed me olives, now my soul's divine...

Alex6ix is a young rapper and poet who's driven by passion for excellence, he's the winner of the Textee Cypher organised by Supremez in anticipation to the release of the God Can Rap EP. The young artist and poet is set to light up the world soon with his soon to be released project which he's yet to Unveil to the public.

- Alex6ix
© 2017 Alex6ix
All Rights Reserved.

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