June 06, 2017

Henry Samson

Unik Articles: Who are you learning from, Jesus orElijah?


Elijah proved he was a man of God wrongly... He did it that way because God was not fully revealed to him. Elijah called down fire to kill people (2Kings 1:12) and the man he mentored called out beast to kill those who didn't like him (2 Kings 2:23)... Elijah didn't teach Elisha compassion and love which truly portrays the character of God. Yes, God is ultimately love!

Now that God has been revealed to us in Jesus, we have to correct it... The only way to prove you are from God is to continue laboring for the salvation of souls! Jesus came healing the sick, raising the dead and doing great works of compassion! Jesus came to save and not to kill! Jesus even prayed for his enemies!

The mightiness of God is portrayed in salvation and not in destruction! Dear preacher, I beg you... Stop giving us Elijah as an example... Tell us about Jesus! If Elijah witnessed Jesus, if he knew half of what we know, he would have done better!

We are called into the ministry of reconciliation and not ministry of "FALL DOWN AND DIE"...

I refuse to be caught up in the mess... I am a minister of the New Covenant and the only valid covenant!

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Henry Samson

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