June 17, 2017

Henry Samson

Unik Articles: If you can't think it, you can't do it - Jeremiah Okorie

Sometimes the reason why we never achieve our goals, be it improving a certain skill, following a diet or exercise regime, or breaking a bad habit, is because we inadvertently think of, and see insurmountable obstacles instead of seeing the goal.

We are only products of our thoughts, we can only achieve as much as we can think. The reason why countless people fail, or operate at a mediocre level in whatever field of their interest, is that they're all doing the same thing. That's why they get the same results all the time (FAILURE AND MEDIOCRITY). For one to succeed, one must THINK and act differently. It takes one to really understand that there is a problem and that the solution lies in changing the response.

Thomas Edison failed 999 times before he finally got the electric bulb right. Each time he changed something, he found a way that the bulb would not work. He kept tweaking his settings until he finally got it right. What kept Edison going?. He knew it was possible, with all his heart that he was ready to stake his future on it. He was ready to give his all in order to achieve his goals. Despite people of his time calling him crazy, I'm pretty sure more than a few told him to give up, that it was impossible. But Edison despite all of these, did not give up.

999 failures is more than enough to stop many of us from achieving our goals. The only thing that can keep us going is that firm resolve in our minds that our goals are achievable, and that we are ready to stake everything on it.

I once read a story of a medieval military General in command of 9000 men under orders to battle an opposing army 15000 Strong on the other side of the sea. In the medieval times, wars were mostly determined by the number of soldiers under your command. They didn't have any of the technology we have these days. This particular General, knowing that, by normal circumstances, he was going to lose this battle, but his orders were orders. You know what he did?, after he and his troops crossed the sea, he ordered his men to burn all their ships. Then he made his men understand that none of them was going to escape that battle alive unless victory was sure, this sparked something in his men, they were no longer regular soldiers, they were like cornered beasts, they were men without an option of FLIGHT, they were men whose backs were against the wall, they became men who had to "FACE EVERYTHING AND RISE". failure was not an option for them, they could either win or die. And guess what? They won!
whatever our passions and interests are, we can be better than the current best.
Sometimes, we have to be ready to give our all for what we believe in and for our goals as well. Burn those bridges behind you, don't give yourself a soft pillow to fall back on or you will never fully achieve your goals in the face of obstacles. You'll remain where you are because you're afraid to move forward.

A few days ago, I got talking with a friend of mine named Tony, he is a drummer and is a huge fan of the great Tony Royster Jr. We were discussing about music and drumming, and he was especially awed by Tony royster's pieces. I asked him why he was so interested in this Tony royster guy and he told me he was was best drummer in the world. I asked this friend of mine whether he thought he could be better than Tony royster and he said no, that it was impossible. After that, I told him that he would never ever be as good as Tony royster. That seemed harsh, but he said it himself, that "it was impossible" I merely repeated what he said in different words.

My point is, whatever our passions and interests are, we can be better than the current best. The question is, are we ready to give our all?, are we ready to make more than the sacrifices the current big names are making?

Okorie Jeremiah 

Okorie Jeremiah is a writer, Researcher, and seeker of knowledge and deep truth. His mission is to deliver his knowledge in creative and inspirational writing and speaking, in order to better the lives of those around him. He is also an avid gamer and a lover of football.

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