June 05, 2017

Henry Samson

Unik Articles - Creating your life realities with Foresight


Foresight is simply seeing into the future.
God gave us the ability of foresight and that is one of the greatest abilities of God in man
Foresight is God’s createability in man. Animals, plants and every other creatures can’t foresee, only God, and man because God said “Let us make man in our own image…”
When God made that comment, He was actually saying “let us make man to be Gods on earth as we are Gods in the universe.”

The attribute to effect that was the mind’s ability to see a possible future and bring to life what was imagined or seen.

Foresight depends on your ability to create images, thoughts, words and feelings in the mind. Your ability to create depends on your level of EXPOSURE. You can’t create yourself in ASO ROCK except you’ve seen something like it before.

To increase your ability of FORESIGHT you must increase and grow your EXPOSURE: Read books, go to places, travel… Visit people, make friends for a specific reason and Google.
You can’t go farther than your level of exposure sir/ma.

God had to expose David to a bear and then a Lion to prepare him for Goliath if not, he’d have just fainted on seeing Goliath.

“Most times we run away from what was meant for us simply because our degree of exposure cannot handle it.”

God told Abraham a number of times that he was going to have a son. Abraham couldn’t believe it because he just couldn’t see it, until God took him to behold the stars and count, that was how he began to engage his imagination and it was through it God was able to bring His promise to pass.

For all God wants to do in your life you must first see it, create it and live in it in your mind before it will become a reality. That’s Faith!

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