June 16, 2017

Henry Samson

Unik Articles: We are saved by Grace through Faith in Christ finished works


"Even if you don't have faith, my faith covers it!"

Jesus said to her "go... your faith has made you whole"
I wonder who is teaching these teachers... Even Jesus found it hard to perform miracles when he met unbelieving folks! (Mark 6:4-6). Study that place very well, Jesus couldn't do much miracles because of their unbelief. The Bible says faith comes by hearing So, in a bid to build their faith, Jesus went around the villages teaching them!

I met someone who have attended Pastor Chris' Healing School and she said to me "over there, they teach you so much on God's word to a point that you don't need any one to touch you to believe that anything is possible."

Your faith can facilitate the salvation that has been given by Grace... We are saved by Grace through our faith (trust) and not through our Pastor's faith. To build other people's faith, teach them the word of God through which faith comes! Faith comes by hearing and not by your bragging!

In fact, it is pride... I mean, too much of it that makes someone stand on the podium to declare "even if you don't have faith, my faith covers yours!"

Henry Samson

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